The Best Sword-my list of top 10 sword of all times. The swords i love the most.

It is really difficult to say what sword is the best. Here is my sword top list.

Top 10 Swords

Roman Gladius
Short and fast weapon of Roman legions. Gladius was double edged sword used mostly for stabbing.

Roman Gladius - Best sword

Roman Gladius

Persian Shamshir
Fast weapon usually used by cavalry. Predecessor of european sabre. Scimitar, Arabic saif, Indian talwar, Persian shamshir, and Turkish kilij and yatagan or Mameluke (Mamluk) sword.

Persian Shamshir - Best sword

Persian Shamshir

Chinese Han sword
Chinese, cavalry 2 handed sword used during rule of Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).

Chinese Han Sword - best sword

Chinese Han Sword

Viking sword
Early medieval European sword used by rich viking leaders. Deadly weapon in hand of skilled warriors from Scandinavia.

Viking Sword - Best sword

Viking Sword

Claymore sword
2 handed medieval great sword. Huge and deadly sword developed in Scotland.

Claymore - Best sword

Claymore sword

Medieval Long Sword
Typical sword of medieval knights. Simple and effective weapon.

Medieval Long sword of knights

Long Sword

Fast and legendary sword of Japanese samurais. One of the most beautiful sword ever made.

Katana - best sword of samurais


Ninja sword
Ninjato – straight Japanese sword of Ninja fighters.

Ninja sword - best sword

Ninja sword-Ninjato

Very fast and thin sword masively used between 16th-18th century. Very elegant sword, sword of duels.

Rapier - best sword

Rapier sword

Curved blade used by cavalry and other troops till 20th century. Legendary sword of Polish Hussars.

Sabre - best sword

Sabre (Saber)