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Marto Swords from Toledo in Spain – sword manufacturer producing a totally awesome display swords, armor, costumes and medieval gifts.

Toledo city is famous by sword production from ancient times. Marto swords are in biz from 1961.

Marto Swords Toledo Spain

Legendary swords
Ultimate collection of the famous swords.
Alexander the Great sword, King Solomon sword, Charles V. sword, Charlemagne sword, William Wallace sword, Lionheart sword, Spanish and French coronation swords, El Cid swords and many more.

Fantasy swords and weapons
Licensed swords from Conan, Highlander, Xena, Zorro, Peter Pan, Excalibur, Alexander.

Medieval armor
Pretty detailed armor parts: medieval helmets, medieval shields, knight gauntlets, breastplates and suits of armor.

Templar products
Templar swords, armor, costumes, jewelry and many collectible items.

Medieval Collectibles and Gifts
Marto and Midas deliver a wide line of medieval miniature swords, jewelry, walking canes, chess boards.

If you like swords and armor and if you are looking for a beautiful piece try Marto Swords then.

Marto Swords Toledo site