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LARP weapons for sale created for LARP battles and events. New collection of LARP swords, LARP armor and equipment can be found on Getasword.com site from now.

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LARP weapons

LARP weapons for sale

LARP weapons for sale:

LARP Weapons
LARP maces, axes, staves, hammers, daggers and other weapons for LARP knights, paladins, warriors, rogues and wizards.

LARP Armor
LARP shields and armor for LARP battles.

LARP Swords
LARP swords for various classes. LARP versions of movie swords like Exalibur, swords from Assassins Creed or 300 movie.

What is it LARP
A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. LARP weapons are created for safe combat or training.

LARP battle

larp weapons

LARP battle with LARP weapons


LARP Weapons for sale