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Wolfhound-Volkodav iz roda Serykh Psov (Wolfhound from Grey dogs tribe) is a 2007 Russian fantasy movie about a hero, damsell in distress and dark wizard from clan of Morana goddess.

Wolfhound Russian fantasy movie

Wolfhound Russian fantasy movie

Latest fantasy movies are mostly 3D action pieces without any story. If you looking for something else, a little exotic fantasy movie this can be an answer for you.

Volkodav is a little different. You can get mix of well made fights, beautiful Russian nanture and exotic Slavic mythology not too common in fantsy movies.

Afterall the movie is a mixture of Conan and Lord of the Rings.

I really enjoyed the bat – companion of the Wolfhound.

Wolfhound story
A medieval village is destroyed by evil group of raiders. It seems the local blacksmith and his family were the target. A magical sword was the reason.
A young boy, son of blacksmith is the only survivor. He has to seek his revenge and he must prevent Morana goddess release into world of mortals. Of course we got a nice Russian babe in distress :).

Wolfhound cast: Aleksandr Bukharov as Wolfhound, Oksana Akinshina as Princess
Director: Nikolai Lebedev

Volkodav trailer

Who is Morana?
Morana (Marzanna, Marzana, Mora, Morena)
Morana is a slavic goddess of death, evil and sorcery. She was beautiful but cold hearted babe.
Puppet of Morana is even these days thrown into rivers during spring as a symbol of end of winter.

Morana goddess

Morana goddess

Here is more info about Slavic mythology and about Slavic pantheon

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