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Swords of Alexander the Great and Darius. Authentic Alexander movie replicas by Marto Toledo in Spain on Getasword.com. Greek and Persian weapons.

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Swords of Alexander

Swords of Alexander

All swords and daggers are officially licensed movie replicas. You can buy the swords and daggers of Alexander the Great and his opponent, Persian king Darius.

Alexander swords available:

Alexander the Great Sword
Alexander the Great Leonatus Sword
Alexander The Great-Persian Sword of Darius
Alexander The Great-Persian Dagger of Darius
Alexander the Great Round Shield
Miniature swords of Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia

Alexander the Great was the legendary Greek (Macedonian) conqueror and ruler of the greatest Empire in human history.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great


Darius (Darius III.) was a Persian king defeated by Alexander and murdered by a Persian noble.


Darius III of Persia


Swords of Alexander

The sword of Alexander

Alexander swords