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Authentic Xena swords available. List of Xena swords as seen in Xena: The warrior princess series. Fantasy swords for Xena fans.

Xena swprds

Xena swords

We added new category of swords: Xena swords.

All Xena swords are authentic, oficially licensed replicas from Xena series.

List of Xena swords

Xena sword
Xena katana sword
Xena super katana sword
Xena-Katana of Gabrielle
Two miniature Xena swords

Each Xena replica is exactly as seen in TV, supplied with Marto certificate of authenicity. These Xena swords from Marto are the only authentic swords of Xena in the market.

Xena sword

Xena katana sword

About Xena
Xena is a hero of Xena: The Warrior Princess series played by Lucy Lawless. Xena series got six seasons and aired between 1995-2001.
Xena series depicts her quest to seek redemption for her past sins as a ruthless warlord by using her formidable fighting skills to help people.
Xena also appeared in Hercules series.

Xena sword

Xena sword

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