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Zorro swords,m rapiers and sabres. List of authentic Zorro swords from Mask of Zorro, Legend of Zorro movies and from Zorro Disney series.

We added a new category of Movie swords – Zorro swords.

AllĀ  Zorro swords are oficially licensed Zorro sword replicas made by MARTO, Toledo, Spain.

We offer actually 3 Zorro sword replicas:

Sword of Zorro (Antonio Banderas), Saber of Elena Montero and Sword of Zorro (Guy Williams).

Sword of Zorro (Antonio Banderas)

Zorro sword

Zorro sword

Sword of Zorro is licensed replica from Mask of Zorro (1998) and Legend of Zorro (2005) movies with Antonio Banderas in role of Zorro.


List of Zorro swords
Saber of Elena Montero (Catherine Zeta Jones)

Zorro sword

Zorro sword-Saber of Elena Montero

Saber of Elena Montero is authentic, oficially licensed replica of saber wielded by Elena (Catherine Zeta Jones) in Mask of Zorro and in Legend of Zorro movies.

Sword of Zorro (Guy Williams)

Zorro sword

Zorro sword-Disney series

Sword of Zorro (Guy Williams) is authentic replica from Zorro Disney series (1957-59) with Guy WIlliams in role of Zorro.

All these Zorro swords are supplied with certificate of authenticity and these swords are licensed and exact replicas as you know them from mentioned movies and TV series.

Zorro swords