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Czech castles, chateaux and monuments of medieval architecture. Castles from Czech kingdom (Kingdom of Bohemia) and its historical lands: Czech, Moravia and Silesia.
Czech republic has 10 millions of habitants but over 2000 castles, chateaux and fortresses. Unique Czech medieval architecture is combination of original slavic style with German, Italian and French influence.

Here is no space to show all important and famous castles from Czech so i decided to include those i like the most and i already visited.

Czech castles, chateaux and fortresses

Prague castle
Prague castle is the largest castle complex worldwide (Guiness). You can see an old gothic cathedral of St. Vitus.
Prague castle is place of famous Czech kings as Premysl Ottokar II, Charles IV or Rudolph II Habsburg were. The castle serves as seat of Czech presidents till today. The original and the eldest royal castle of Czech rulers was Vysehrad (High castle located also in Prague).
Charles bridge (front of pic) is one of greatest medieval monuments in Europe. Just imagine pople build this monster in 1347. The brighe is 1700ft long. You can see Charles bridge in Knights tale movie in the scene when knights entering London.

Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles bridge

Prague castle

Karlstejn (Karlstein castle)
This castle served in 14th century as vault castle of Holy Roman Empire. Imperial crown and other regalia of German Emperors were stored here in 14th century.

Karlstein castle, Czech republic

Karlstein castle, Czech republic

Hluboka Chateau
My lovely fancy and romantic chateau located in south Czech. Originally renaissance castle rebuilt into this fancy romantic monument. Awesome place for wedding.

Hluboka chateau Czech

Hluboka chateau, Czech republic

Located in central Czech. Living place of Archduke Ferdinand. His assassination has started ww1.

Konopiste chateau, Czech republic

Konopiste, Czech republic

Spilberk castle
Fortress of city of Brno (capital of Moravia), the castle served as prison later. Babinsky, a famous Czech Robin Hood disappeared from his cell there.
Spilberk and city of Brno were besieged by Swedes during 30 years war. Swedes attacked city of Brno protected by Spilberk castle with 28 000 men under Torstenson command. Moravians had 500 soldiers and around 1000 volunteers. Swedes lost 8000 men in nearly four months and they decided to leave.
Moravians were true Spartans:) They saved Vienna as the capital of Austria was the next target of Swedish campaign.
Swedes did a last furious attempt to conquest castle and its city just in last days before they left. They penetrated walls but they were returned back by dragoon unit (cavalry). They finally decided to leave then.

Spilberk castle, Czech republic, Brno, Moravia

Spilberk castle, Brno, Czech republic

Bouzov castle
Bouzov castle belonged to Teutonic knights. Fantaghiro, a famous Italian fairytale was filmed here.

Bouzov castle, Czech republic

Bouzov castle, Czech republic

Slavkov (Austerlitz)
Slavkov chateau, place of famous victory of Napoleon. Austerlitz is located in south Moravia.

Slavkov (Austerlitz), Moravia, Czech republic

Slavkov (Austerlitz), Moravia, Czech republic

Cesky Sternberk
Fantastic castle that can be included into any fantasy movie. Castle is located in central Czech over Sazava river.

Cesky Sternberk, czech castles

Cesky Sternberk, Czech republic

Cervena Lhota
Cervena Lhota is a fantastic water chateau located in South Czech.

Cervena Lhota, Czech republic

Cervena Lhota, Czech republic

Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Krumlov is a pitoresque city with mixture of gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture. The city with its castle is in UNESCO World Heritage List from 1992.
Location: south Czech. The city and castle belonged to Rosembergs (powerful czech Lords of Rose).

Cesky Krumlov, Czech republic, Czech castles

Cesky Krumlov, Czech republic

Jindrichuv Hradec
Another castle of Rosembergs in south Czech.

Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech republic, castles

Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech republic

Orlik (Eagle castle)
Castle located over Vltava river, it belongs to Schwarzenberk family.

Orlik castle, Czech republic

Orlik castle, Czech republic

Buchlov castle
Majestic gothic fortress located in eastern Moravia.

Buchlov castle, Czech republic

Buchlov castle, Czech republic

Rabi castle
Ruins of one of the most powerful medieval fortress located in central Europe. Jan Zizka-legendary Hussite general lost his eye here during conquest of the castle.
Dungeons and Dragons movie was filmed here.

Buchlov castle, Czech republic

Buchlov castle, Czech republic

Kost castle (Bone castle)
Classical medieval castle. Russian version of famous Quentin Durward movie (Walter Scott) was filmed here.

Kost castle, Czech republic, medieval castles

Kost castle, Czech republic

Krivoklat castle
Castle located in central Czech. The Krivoklat castle is connected to Jan Mydlar, a legendary Czech executioner who executed 27 Czech lords in the beginning of 30years war.
Magister Kelly, English alchemist was imprissoned inside of these walls during reign of Rudolph II. Habsburg.

Krivoklat castle, Czech republic

Krivoklat castle, Czech republic

Lednice chateau
Chateau with huge park located in Moravia. The chateau is built in New gothic romantic style.

Lednice chateau, Moravia, Czech republic

Lednice chateau, Moravia, Czech republic

Loket castle (Elbow castle)
Castle of Knights Templars located on Czech / German borders.

Loket castle, Czech republic

Loket castle, Czech republic-Templar castle

Pernstejn castle
Pretty impressive castle, many Czech and European fairytales were filmed here.

Pernstejn medieval castle, Czech republic

Pernstejn castle, Czech republic

Sloup castle (Pillar castle)
Sloup castle is a castle complex build in a rock pillar. No idea how they did it in medieval times.

Sloup medieval castle, Czech republic

Sloup castle, Czech republic

Sovinec castle (Owl castle)
Guard castle located in Silesia (Czech / Polish borders).

Sovinec castle, Czech republic

Sovinec castle, Czech republic

Trosky (Ruins)
Ruins of a medieval castle. Two towers connected by walls left. Pretty romantic place for trips.

Trosky castle, Czech republic

Trosky castle, Czech republic

Small stronghold in South Czech around city of Tabor (Hussite HQ). Place of birth of Jan Zizka, the legendary Hussite general.

Trocnov stronghold, Hussite castle

Trocnov stronghold, Czech republic

Templar property located in eastern Moravia.

Vsetin castle and city of Knights Templars

Vsetin castle and city of Knights Templars, Czech rep

Kokorin castle
Fancy and romantic small castle in woods.

Kokorin castle in Czech republic

Kokorin castle

Hradek u Nechanic
Beautiful chateau.

Hradek u Nechanic chateau, Czech

Hradek u Nechanic chateau, Czech republic

Helfstyn castle
A classical medieval castle with majestic walls.

Helfstyn castle, Czech

Helfstyn castle, Czech republic


Other historical places in Czech republic i must to mention

Prague Astronomical clock
The eldest astronomical clock in Europe, built in 1410.
The figures of the 12 apostles, come out every hour and pass by the window above the astronomical dial. There are also eight immobile figures on the left and right side of the clock dial and the calendar. The Sphere or clock dial shows the movement of the sun, phases of the moon, the equinoxes, the seasons, the days, and the zodiac.
Imagine this cybertechnology in 15th century.

Prague astronomical clock, Old Town square Prague, Czech republic

Prague astronomical clock, Old Town square Prague, Czech republic

Slavonice town
Beautifull renaissance town located in Moravia.

Slavonice town, Moravia, Czech republic

Slavonice town, Moravia, Czech republic

Telc city square
Unesco heritage list. Next great renaissance town with beautiful square and castle.

Telc city, Czech

Telc city, Czech republic

Golden lane – Dating from the 15th Century, this small street is lined by 11 historic houses, which exhibit medieval armoury and textiles, as well as selling tourist souvenirs. Visitors can also shoot a crossbow on the upper floor of one of the buildings.

Golden lane Prague, Czech

Golden lane Prague, Czech republic

Classical Czech villages
Fairytale like villages in south Czech.

Czech historical village, South Bohemia

Czech historical village, South Bohemia

Czech village houses

Czech village houses

Few movies filmed in Czech castles and histrical places: Knights Tale, Tristan and Isolde 2006, Van Helsing, From Hell, Brothers Grimm, Dungeons and Dragons, Solomon Kane, Fantaghiro and many more.

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