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Camelot-New Arthurian Series from Starz. New stories of  King Arthur, Morgana, Merlin and knights of round table. Camelot info, cast, trailer and pictures.

Camelot Starz series

Camelot Starz series

Starz has announced 10 episodes of a new Camelot series.

Camelot air date: Feb 25, 2011.

Camelot Series

Camelot Series, Morgana (Eva Green)


Camelot cast
Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur
Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere
Joseph Fiennes as Merlin
Claire Forlani as Igraine
Eva Green as Morgana
Clive Standen as Gawain

Camelot series, Morgan

Camelot series, Morgan

Camelot review:

I like: Famous story, awesome costumes, wonderful medieval outdoor sceneries, intriques and pretty amazing Morgana.

I dislike: King Arthur looks a little like a barbie.

Overall: I saw the pilot and it looks pretty nice. The Starz did a great job!

Camelot series - King Arthur and Merlin

Camelot series - King Arthur and Merlin


Camelot Trailer


Swords of Arthurian legends