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Medieval castles in Scotland. Beautiful pictures of Scottish castles, palaces and fortresses. Medieval architecture in Scotland, UK. Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Balmoral Castle, Eilean Donan Castle and more.

Scotland is from the Lation Scoti, the term applies to Gaels. The Late Latin word Scotia (land of the Gaels) was initially used to refer to Ireland. The use of the words Scots and Scotland to encompass all of what is now Scotland became common in the Late Middle Ages. Scotland is associated with Rober Bruce, William Wallace, Tartan, Highlands and whiskey :).

Castles in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle
There are records of the castle dating from the 12th century when the bulk of the castle would have been a stone keep. During the First War of Scottish Independence. Edinburgh Castle came under English control in 1300. After the death of Edward I in 1307 England’s control over Scotland weakened. In the spring of 1314,the Scots recaptured the castle. Robert the Bruce ordered the destruction of its defences to prevent occupation by the English. That same year Robert the Bruce and his army secured victory at the Battle of Bannockburn. During the Second War of Scottish Independence the castle to again come under English control. But in 1341, the Scots led by William Douglas again recaptured the castle.
David’s Tower was built in 1386 by Robert the Bruce’s son, David II of Scotland. The tower was originally the main entrance to the castle.
During the “Lang Siege” of 1573, David’s Tower collapsed and much of the castle was destroyed when supporters of Mary Queen of Scots who were holding the castle were besieged by supporters of King James VI. The siege ended when heavy infantry bombarded the castle. The Half Moon Battery was completed in 1588 on the site of the old David’s Tower after the Lang Siege, as part of the reconstruction works.

Edinburgh castle Scotland-Medieval castles

Edinburgh castle Scotland

Stirling Castle and bridge
Stirling castle has played a major role in Scotland’s history. The city of Stirling has had strategic military significance since Roman times and for 3 centuries Scotland’s kings ruled from its imposing castle. Many battles in Scotland’s wars of independence were fought here. The Stirling Castle, one of Scotland’s grandest castles due to its imposing position and impressive architecture, towers over some of the most important battlefields of Scotland’s past including Stirling Bridge, the site of William Wallace’s victory over the English in 1297, and Bannockburn where Robert the Bruce defeated the same foe in the summer of 1314.

Stirling Castle and bridge in Scotland

Stirling Castle and famous Stirling bridge in Scotland

Falkland Palace
Falkland Palace, located in Fife, is a former royal palace of the Scottish Kings. The Scottish Royal family acquired Falkland Castle from MacDuff of Fife in the 14th century. The castle was rebuilt into an awesome renaissance palace later.

Falkland Palace in Scotland

Falkland Palace in Scotland

Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Castle is a large estate house on Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire. The estate covers about 50,000 acres. The castle is privately owned by the British royal family. The castle grounds, gardens, exhibitions, gift shop and the coffee shop are open to the public. The Balmoral Estate was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1848, and has been the Scottish Home of the British Royal Family ever since.

Balmoral castle in Scotland

Balmoral castle in Scotland

Culzean Castle
Culzean Castle is a castle near Maybole, Carrick, on the Ayrshire coast of Scotland. Culzean castle has been constructed by order of David Kennedy, 10th Earl of Cassilis.

Culzean castle Scotland

Culzean castle in Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle
Eilean Donan Castle is situated on a small island in Loch Duich in the western Highlands of Scotland. The original castle was built in 1220 for Alexander II as a defence against the Vikings. In medieval times the castle had towers and a curtain wall that covered nearly the whole island. By the late 13th century it was owned by the Mackenzies of Kintail (later the Earls of Seaforth). In 1511, the MacRaes became custodians of the castle, as protectors of the MacKenzies. Over the centuries the castle has been rebuilt at least four times. Eilean Donan was partially destroyed in a Jacobite uprising in 1719.

Eilean Donan castle Scotland

Eilean Donan castle in Scotland

Drummond Castle
Drummond Castle is a Scottish castle of 15th century with a beatiful gardens. Some of scenes in the Rob Roy movie (with Liam Neeson) has been made on Drummond castle.

Drummond castle Scotland

Drummond castle in Scotland

Kennedy Castle
Kennedy castle is located in south-west Scotland. The castle was built in 1607 by John Kennedy, 5th Earl of Cassillis. The castle burned down in 18th century and was never re-occupied again.

Kennedy castle Scotland, UK

Kennedy castle Scotland

Braemar Castle
Braemar castle was a medieval stronghold of the Earls of Mar. The castle is located in Aberdeenshire, and it was seat of Clan Farquharson.

Braemar castle Scotland

Braemar castle in Scotland

Ballindalloch Castle
Ballindalloch Castle (The Pearl of the North) is a castle located in the Moray region of Scotland. The castle was originally a medieval fortress rebuilt into a country house later. The dining room of Ballindalloch is said to be haunted by a ghost known as The Green Lady.

Ballindalloch Castle Scotland

Ballindalloch castle in Scotland

Duns Castle
Duns castle is located in Berwickshire. The castle, which was built around a 14th century tower given by King Robert the Bruce to the Earl of Moray. The eldest part is a Norman keep from 1320. The castle is well known place used for marriages today.

Duns Castle Scotland

Duns Castle in Scotland

Inveraray Castle
Inveraray Castle it is the seat of the Chief of Clan Campbell, the Duke of Argyll.

Inveraray castle Scotland, UK

Inveraray castle in Scotland


Scottish Swords

Scottish swords

Scottish swords