Rekl lasko ma ja stunu ( My love, I am sick) from A night at Karlstein musical is my best medieval lovesong. Music Karel Svoboda, Singer: Helena Vonrackova, Actress: Jana Brejchova.

My lovely medieval love song-Rekl Lasko Ma Ja Stunu

Song text in English (free translation)
Although I have a sleep without dreams,
last night I had a dream.
Though I haven´t been with him for a long time
the king himself gave visit to me.

REF: He said: I am sick, my love,
I´ve just been pretending my proud.
I´ll dismiss my throne because of you,
and jewels and cathedrals, too.

Although my days are usually tranquil,
today I have lost my way,
a precarious dream is teasing me.
and the king himself is teasing me.

REF again

Noc Na Karlstejne (Night at Karlstein) Musical story:
Charles IV. founded Karlstejn castle as a vault for regalia of Holy Roman Empire and also as a calm place without access of women. Three women breaking the law and visiting castle, Eliska a young wife of king is one of them.
Musical has been created in Czechoslovakia (1974)

Eliska Pomoranska..Elizabeth of Pomerania
Eliska was fourth and the last wife of Charles IV., Czech king and Roman Emperor. She was originally a polish princess, she became Czech Queen and Empress of Holy Roman Empire after her marriage with the Czech king.
She had 6 children with Charles. Anne, a daughter of Eliska was a later queen of England (wife or Richard II.).

Famous love couple: Elizabeth and Charles IV.

Noc na Karlstejne, Rekl lasko ma ja stunu, Elizabeth of Pomerania, Charles IV

Famous couple: Elizabeth and Charles IV

Amazing facts about Eliska
Eliska was a very healthy medieval woman. She repeately shocked knights when she publicly demonstrated her power by breaking swords and horse shoes by her hands. No doubt she was a very impressive woman:)

Karlstejn castle – vault castle of Holy Roman Empire (Czech rep.)

Karlstejn_castle, Czech republic, medieval castle

Karlstejn castle

Medieval Swords