The Borgias is upcoming 2011 HBO series from renaissance Italy. Story of a famous and powerful Italian family. The Borgias info and trailer. Borgias history.

Directors: Neil Jordan, Simon Cellan Jones

Borgias air date: April 2011

The Borgias cast
Giovanni Sforza-Ronan Vibert
Lucrezia Borgia-Holliday Grainger
Cesare Borgia-Fran├žois Arnaud
Rodrigo Borgia-Jeremy Irons
Cardinal Orsini-Derek Jacobi

Borgias Trailer

History of Borgias
The Borgias or de Borjas were a Valencian (Spanish)-Italian noble family who became prominent during the Renaissance. They are remembered today for their corrupt rule when one of them was Pope. The Borgias have been accused of many different crimes, generally on considerable evidence, including adultery, simony, theft, rape, bribery, incest, and murder (especially murder by arsenic poisoning).

Rodrigo Borgia, a cunning intriguer, was elected Pope in 1492, taking the name Alexander VI. He had several acknowledged children, of which Lucrezia and Cesare were best known.

Cesare Borgia, with his father’s backing, tried to become the ruler of Italy. But in 1503, Pope Alexander died from malarial fever, which was spreading through Rome at the time. Cesare’s intrigues collapsed, and he went off to Spain.

Lucrezia Borgia was also rumored to be a notorious poisoner, though later historians started to consider her more a victim of the family’s plots. She married three times, and after the fall of her father and brother, remained the respected consort of the Duke of Ferrara.

Saint Francis Borgia was a grandson of Rodrigo through another son, Giovanni. After a career in the service of the kings of Spain, he entered the priesthood and became a Jesuit. He eventually rose to be the third Father General of the order.