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History of Greek Swords, Types of Greek swords

With the advance of technology, swords became quaint curiosities. They were very much a weapon of second choice, drawn only once a hoplite’s spear had been shattered in the spear-fighting. Fighting with spear and shield mainly required courage, strength and stamina to push on through the enemy line. In the Greek swords, the emphasis was placed on the downward cut and single-bladed swords were designed to maximise the force of the blow. They had a heavy single-edged blade, whose back was either straight or slightly concave, but not recurved. While the edge has a pronounced convex curve and broadens considerably towards the point.

Hoplite sword-Greek swords

Greek Hoplite sword

Greek swords usually feature fancy hilts and a scabbard decorated with ancient Greek scenes. They were often gold finished honoring one of the ancient world`s greatest warrior kings- Alexander. This sword commonly called a hoplite sword was named after the heavily armed Greek foot-soldier of the classical period. The hoplite sword was essentially a slashing weapon and was generally worn slung from a baldric over the right shoulder so that it hung almost horizontally on the left. The Greeks used “Machaira” and “Xiphos” for describing sword. They were made to a high quality from high carbon steel and twice tempered to achieve a high Rockwell hardness, before being polished.

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