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Amazing medieval coat of arm of Good Queen Anne, queen of England, wife of Richard II. English lions, French fleur de lis, German eagle, Czech lion.

This coat of arms contains heraldic symbols of four realms.

Medieval Coat of Arms of Good Queen Anne (Queen of England)

Medieval English coat of arms of Queen Anne

Medieval coat of arms of Good Queen Anne Queen of England

Heraldic symbols from the left:
French fleur de lis – English kings ruled in France during 100 years war.
English lions – Anne was wife of Richard II.
German Eagle – her father was Charles IV., emperor of Holy Roman Empire (probably the most powerful guy of Europe of those days).
Czech lion – Anne was born in Prague as Czech princess (Charles was her father, he was Czech king and later Roman emperor, mother was Anna of Pomerania, princess of Poland).

This is really a pretty nice mixture, it seems the only Polish eagle is missing on this coat of arms:)

Good Queen Anne
11 May 1366 Prague, Czech – 7 June 1394 Sheen, England
Anne was not accepted well in England but she was beloved by people of England later. She never got a children but she strongly supported pregnant women and she also pardoned several people. She is known as a very kind and good person of dark medieval ages.