Shipping Swords to Australia-info and tips. How to import a sword to Australia at affordable price.

A few tips for Australian customers interested in buying a sword.

Importing sword to Australia

Shipping swords to Australia

Shipping swords by USPS

We use USPS for international shipping. Regular shipping cost for an average sword: USD40-80.

Max allowed length of package is 42 inches.

We can use Global Express for sword packages 42-46 inches but price will be about USD200 in this case.

Impossible to deliver packages over 46″.

Possible solutions:
1. Global Express (increased shipping fee).
2. ship to friend/family, if you have, in New Zealand. Ask them to forward your package to Australia. This will decrease your price.

Warning: Investigate your local law before you buy a sword. Some swords may be prohibited in your area. We cannot refund money for confiscated products.

If you have any question, contact us via email: info(AT)getasword.com