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Austerlitz 2010-Battle of Three Emperors. Battle of Austerlitz facts and 2010 event pictures.

Battle of Austerlitz facts:

The Battle of Austerlitz (Battle of the Three Emperors), was Napoleon’s great victory, where the French Empire effectively destroyed the Third Coalition.

Battle of Austerlitz-1805

Battle of Austerlitz-1805

Three Emperors: Napoleon x Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor + Alexander I, Russian Emperor
Battle of Austerlitz location: Slavkov, Moravia, Czech republic
Date of original battle: December 2, 1805
French side: 70 000 men x 90 000 men
French loses: 1 300 men
Austrian and Russian loses: 15 000 men

Battle of Austerlitz 2010
1200 reenactors from around Europe
Napoleon (Frank Samson)
Russian leader (Oleg Sokolov, Musée de l’Armée)
General Liechtenstein (Wolfgang Horak)
David Banks-chief of European Napoleonic Association

Austerlitz 2010 pictures, Moravia, Czech republic, Europe

Napoleon and French cavalry

Austerlitz 2010-Napoleon and French cavalry

Austerlitz 2010-Napoleon

Austrian cavalry charge

Battle of Austerlitz 2010-Austrian cavalry charge

Austerlitz 2010-Austrian cavalry charge

French artillery

Battle of Austerlitz 2010-French artillery

Austerlitz 2010-French artillery

Cavalry skirmish, sabres

Battle of Austerlitz 2010-Cavalry skirmish

Austerlitz 2010-Cavalry skirmish

Sabres, Napoleonic sabre