Traditional Chinese Swords video. Swords from Han, Tang and Ming dynasties. Basic types of Chinese swords.

Basic Chinese Sword types

The Jian 剑 (sword) is always straight and double-edged, many names can be added infront of “Jian” to distinguish its type, such as the one in the video, the “Han Jian.”(汉剑)

The Dao 刀(sabre, blade, etc.) is always single edged, curved or not curved. As with the Jian, prefixes can be added to the Dao to determine its type, such as one in this video, the “Tang Dao”(唐刀) *special note* The popular Japanese sword can trace its roots back to the Tang Dao, the forging techniques and style of the Tang Dao was learned by Japanese smiths during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) when there was a friendly relationship between China and Japan. The early Tachi was essentially a curved Tang Dao.

Chinese Swords video

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