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Musashi Swords review, company info and product line. Musashi creates a very affordable but quality Japanese swords, tantos, ninja swords and accessoires.

Musashi swords-affordable Japanese samurai swords

Musashi swords

Musashi Katana Swords are becoming well known for their thick sharp blades and quality fittings. Musashi Swords are functional Katana Swords and beautiful as well as economical. These Japanese Swords are made at the famous Chris Zhou academy known for their excellence in sword making.

Musashi Swords Package

Musashi Swords Package

The Musashi Katana Swords are a MUST have addition and one that you will be proud to own. They have now separated their swords into the beginner swords which will now be called Musha Swords and their higher end swords will remain Musashi Swords. They are both still made from the same manufacturer, they are just categorizing them now. Same manufacturer, same great samurai sword!

Sample Musashi Sword

Musashi Sword

Musashi Sword

Musashi product line
Musashi Pro Swords
Shirakawa Series
Takeo Series
Tokusen Series
Tanto daggers
Ninja swords

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