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Bruncvik Legend-Medieval legend of Bruncvik the knight, his famous sword and powerful white Czech Lion. Bruncvik is one of legendary symbols of Czech Republic (Kingdom of Bohemia).

Bruncvik Legend

Neomenia was was worried about Bruncvik – she begged him not to leave Prague for his adventures to the unknown lands. But Bruncvik decided to leave and gave her his wife a ring to wear, and took hers, and promised he would return in 7 years’ time.  He told her that she would recognize him by her ring, and that if he didn’t return in time it meant that he was dead, and that she should remarry.

Bruncvik with His Legendary Sword, Prague, Czech

Bruncvik with His Legendary Sword, Prague, Czech

Bruncvik set out on his adventures accompanied by 50 men on horseback. They travelled far and wide, soon they’ve reached the sea (supposedly Adriatic sea) and took to the sea in a large boat. After several uneventful months, a storm whipped up and bathed them in a yellow glow. It was the dreaded Amber Isle, which sucked sailors to its shores.

After two years on the island, all of the men and horses were dead except for Bruncvik and the oldest man of his former consort. The old man told Bruncvik how to get away, and Bruncvik promised to take care of the old man’s family, should he ever return to Prague. A large carnivorous bird was just about to make his annual trip to the island (a chance to escape the uninhabited island)! The old man sewed Bruncvik into one of the horse skinsand left Bruncvik near the top of the Amber Mountain. The bird carried Bruncvik away to its nest, as food for its babies, and flew away.
Bruncvik drew his sword and made short work of the rest of his horse skins disguise and escaped.
He travelled far and soon arrived in a deep, wild forest, where he spotted a lion, fighting a nine-headed monster. Bruncvik battled with the lion gainst the monster for 2 days. After they’ve killed the monster, chopping off all its heads one by one, they both dropped down with exhaustion. The lion cared for Bruncvik and brought him food, and nursed him back to health. From that time on, the two were inseparable. During his long trip in one of the castles, Bruncvik found a magic sword that knew how to chop people’s heads off all on its own – all Bruncvik had to do is say “Blade, heads off!” and off they rolled. Bruncvik and his lion had many adventures together in strange lands, inhabited by demons. Some of them were half grey and half white, some had a dog head instead of a human head, and their king had eyes in the back of his head as well as the front. But none of these heads stayed attached to their necks for long after Bruncvik’s arrival there.

After 3 more years of long trips to weird lands, Bruncvik came home, he was surprised to see everyone celebrating the wedding of Neomenia (the Queen). It had, after all, been longer than 7 years. Bruncvik snuck his wife’s ring – which he had worn all the time – into his wife’s goblet of wine, and left the castle. When his wife drank her wine saw the ring, she recognized it immediately. She called the wedding off, thus sending her ex-bridegroom into a mad fury. He and 50 of his friends set off to track Bruncvik down and kill him. Soon, the 51 heads of all of his rivals were rolling on the ground, chopped off by that magic sword, and Bruncvik was in his beloved Neomenia’s arms again.

Bruncvik never left home again, and his pet lion never left his side. When Bruncvik died at a ripe old age – leaving behind an heir, Ladislav, the lion died of a broken heart just days after, sitting at the side of Bruncvik’s grave.

Bruncvik-symbol of hope

Bruncvik’s lion is said to be the two-tailed lion in the Czech state symbol. As the Knights of Blanik are entrusted with the same task, many have drawn the conclusion that St Wenceslas – with Bruncvik’s sword – will lead the Knights of Blanik when that dark hour comes.

Legendary sword of Bruncvik

Today the sword’s hiding place is inside the stones of the Charles Bridge next to the statue of Bruncvik that stands below the bridge (and the dragon that Bruncvik killed below the other bridge)– and one day, when the Czech lands are at their lowest point, at the very edge of ruin, St Wenceslas will rise from the dead, take Bruncvik’s sword, and save the nation.

Bruncvik and White Czech Two Tails Lion pictures

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge with Bruncvik sword-If you like medieval times you have to visit Prague. It is difficult to imagine, gothic builders were able to create something similar. You must simply see this bridge yourself. Charles Bridge is from 1346.

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge with Bruncvik and sword

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge with Bruncvik and sword

Kingdom of Bohemia-Medieval coat of arm of Czech king

Medieval Coat of Arms of Czech Kingdom (Bohemia)

Medieval Coat of Arms of Czech Kingdom (Bohemia)

Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia-White Czech lions and Slovak cross

Czechoslovak  coat of arms - White Czech lion and Slovak cross

Czechoslovak coat of arms

Czechoslovak Dragon Cavalry with White Lion banner 1938

Czechoslovak Dragon Cavalry with white lion banner 1938

Czechoslovak Dragon Cavalry with white lion banner 1938

Czechoslovak 310 Royal Air Force Squadron logo with Czech Lion

Czechoslovak 310 Royal Air Force Squadrom logo with Czech Lion

310 RAF squadron with Czech lion

Modern Coat of Arms of Czech Republic – Two white Czech lions, Moravian eagle and Silesian eagle

Coat of arms of the Czech Republic

Coat of arms of the Czech Republic

White Czech Lion with Czech motto: Pravda Vitezi (Truth Prevails, Veritas Vincit).

White Czech Two Tailed Lion-Pravda vitezi, Truth Prevails, Veritas vincit

White Czech Two Tailed Lion-Pravda vitezi

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