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Medieval Battle with Flails – this rare video is showing mass knight fight with flails. Hussite strategy against medieval knights.

Flail was a favourite Hussite weapon during Hussite wars in Bohemia (15th century). Hussites annihilated several armies of crusaders.

Knights fighting with flails

Hussite strategy against knight armies

Lets imagine Hussites on their war wagons. They are shooting with artillery, guns, crosbows and slings. Crusaders running their cavalry attack. Knights use lances. Lance can be used once, knight must draw his sword after lance attack. Both weapons – lance and sword are useless against Hussites protected on war wagons. Hussite warriors has no horses but they are still on a higher position than knights on their horses. Hussites using flails, pikes, partisans, swords, maces, and other weapons to beat group of knights driven into chaos after totally useless attack. Hussite cavalry attacking demoralized crusaders thrown out of horses and finishing battle with only a few loses.

Notice on video – flail can be a very fast weapon comparing to lance that can be used only once.

History facts

Crusaders from mostly German lands but also from other European countries (Italy, France, Flanders, Spain..) lost more than 20 battles against Hussites in Bohemia. Hussites were more flexible and they used advantage of properly selected terrain against slow medieval knights with the only one strategy – direct charge with lance and the following fight with sword.

Medieval Hussite with flail

Hussite warrior with flail and pavise

Hussite warrior with flail and pavise

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