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Types of Gladiators and gladiator weapons. A gladiator (swordsman – word derived from Roman gladius(sword) ) was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their legal and social standing and their lives by appearing in the arena. Most were despised as slaves. Roman swords.

Roman gladiators

Roman gladiators

Gladiator Swords and Weapons

fascina: harpoon
galea: visored helmet
galerus: metal shoulder piece
gladius: short Roman sword
hasta: lance
iaculum: net
manicae: leather elbow or wrist bands
ocrea: metal or boiled leather greave
parma: round shield
scutum: large oblong shield
sica: curved scimitar
subligaculum: loin cloth

Gladiator movie - Famous scene - Fight with tiger, Russell Crowe

Gladiator movie - Famous scene - Fight with tiger

Types of Gladiators

Andabatae wore helmets without eye holes.
Catervarii did not fight in pairs, but several together.
Dimacheri fought with two swords.
Equites fought on horseback.
Essedarii fought from chariots like the Gauls and Britons.
Hoplomachi were like the Samnites, but more heavily armed. They wore ocrea on both legs and mail or leather cuirasses.
Laqueatores used a noose to catch their adversaries.
Meridiani fought in the middle of the day, after the wild beast fights. They were lightly armed.
Myrmillo wore a large galea with a fish on its crest, a manica of mail, leather or metal scales on his left arm, ocrea on at least one leg, a scutum and a straight Greek-styled sword.
Ordinarii were the regular gladiators who fought in pairs in the ordinary way.
Provocator was armed like the Samnite with a parma and a hasta, his opponent was often the Myrmillo.
Retiarius wore a subligaculum and a metal galerus on the left arm. He carried a net, a dagger and a trident or tunny-fish fascina.
The Samnite used scutum and ocrea on his left leg, a galea with a large crest and plume, and a gladius.
The Secutor carried a large oval or rectangular shield, an ocrea on his left leg, a round or high-visored helmet, manicae at the elbow and wrists, and a sword or dagger.
Thracian wore ocrea on both legs, a small square shield, a helmet, a sica or the Thracian sword.

Gladius – famous Roman sword

Gladius - famous Roman sword

Gladius - famous Roman sword

Gladiator fights in Spartacus Blood and Sand

Roman swords