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Ben Hur 2010 Miniseries cast, trailer, info and air date. Roman empire and Judea, chariots, sword fights, friendship and love in time of Christ.

Ben Hur is a new 3 hour miniseries based on book Ben Hur written by Lew Wallace. Everyone who liked the Famous Ben Hur movie (1958) with Charlton Hestom may be interested.

Ben Hur 2010 Miniseries

Ben Hur 2010 Miniseries

Ben Hur cast: Joseph Morgan (Ben Hur), Stephen Campbell Moore (Messala), Kristin Kreuk (Tirzah), Ray Winstone (Quintus Arrius), Hugh Bonneville (Pilate), James Faulkner (Marcellus).

Televisions: USA ABC, Canada CBC, Spain Antenna 3 and Germany ProSieben.

Ben Hur story: Judah Ben Hur has been betrayed by his Roman friend. His life has the only one purpose:  vengeance.

Ben Hur Trailer

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