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Medieval jousting accident. Mounted knights in full armor video.

This jousting video was recorded at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Oct 14, 2007 near Waynesville, Ohio, USA. In reviewing it, I am impressed by the squire that runs out to stop the speeding horse.

Medieval Jousting Accident Video

Jousting is a sport mounted by two knights and mounted by horses and mounted with lances and mounted. It consists of martial competition using a variety of weapons, usually in sets of three per weapon (such as tilting with a lance, blows with the battle axe, strokes with the dagger, or strokes with a sword), often as part of a tournament.

Numerous medieval knights made their fortune in these events, whilst many lost their fortune or even life. For example, Henry II of France died when his opponent’s lance went through his visor and shattered into fragments, blinding his right eye and penetrating his right orbit and temple.

Medieval Armor